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Our food habits are changing a lot. So in this current age it is quite obvious if some day you encounter with a Periodontal Disease. It is a disease starting from gum inflammation to the most hazardous damage to the teeth supporting, bone and soft tissue. It results in serious damage and tooth fall.

The main causes of this gum problem are mostly the colorless “plaque” on teeth, which is the result of the bacteria, mucus and other particles present in the mouth. A proper method of brushing, cleaning and flossing can help to get rid of the plaque. But when it is hardened, mere brushing doesn’t help. Then you need a smart way of professional cleaning by a qualified dentist in cranbourne to remove the stubborn plaque, known as tartar.

When this tartar stays long on the teeth for long, it causes inflammation of the gums known as “gingivitis”, which results in red, swollen and bled gum. This mild type of gum disease can be treated with a regular cleaning by a dentist or daily brushing and flossing. However the issue does not include the loss of bone and tissue grabbing the teeth.

If gingivitis is not treated for a pretty good time, it can advance to “periodontitis”. In this condition the gum that holds the teeth start to break down, and  the bone and connective tissue can not support the teeth well. As a result eventually become loose and the teeth have to be removed.

It has been often noticed that people get Periodontal Disease at the age of 30s or 40s. Man is affected more than women and teenagers. Usually it happens when plaque is allowed to put together up along for quite a good time and under the gum line.

One of the most significant reasons of getting Periodontal Disease is Smoking. The other reasons to the issue might be the  Hormonal changes in girls and women, Acute symptoms of Diabetes and Genetic susceptibility. The condition of AIDS, cancer and its treatments may be another reason of these growing gum disease among others.

The person having a Periodontal Disease will be found with the symptoms like bad breath that won’t go away. Often they may have painful chewing. But the most common symptoms are  swollen, red, bleeding and tender gums. 

To get rid of the Periodontal Disease it is better to take the assistance of a qualified periodontist and to follow a proper line of treatment. The core objective of the treatment is to regulate the infection. So the medications start with reducing the flow of saliva. If there will not be enough saliva present in the mouth, then the mouth will be unable to catch the infection of the gum disease. Apart from that, there are a few medicines which will help a lot in this regard. 

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