God’s Grace: Is it still active today?

We can see and hear all around us of the news of devastation due to bombing, firing, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, or more. Should we consider that God is not gracious to us anymore? Has he left mankind and opened the doors of destruction for them? The kind of lives we all are leading is full of the everyday challenges and while facing all these challenges, many of us begin to lose trust in God, however some keep their faith intact. Instead of losing faith they even start to believe more than ever. They embrace christian fellowship, get involved in their local community churches, and pray with a greater commitment.

God’s Grace To Mankind

While dealing with difficult and challenging times, some have allowed these challenges as a reason to lose hope and  conclude that God no longer cares and now God has ended His grace upon us. Rather, we should never forget that He is watching us all the time. Just because trouble comes doesn’t mean God’s grace is no longer active. God is kindhearted and has opened the path of forgiveness for all. His grace is still very active on our behalf. Could it be only that Jesus allows tests and hard times to see, if we still believe upon Him?

There are many tragic misconceptions prevalent among people, which leads to their destruction. The reason could be their ignorance about God’s grace, his forgiveness and his desire for his children to listen, repent and obey his word. We at the Pentecostal Churches in San Antonio are here to help people turn away from the wrong path and move ahead on the journey of righteousness. We preach the holy Bible and provide the understanding of what we must do to stay free from habits and lifestyles that trap. God’s grace is still active on behalf of mankind and it reaches farther than one can even imagine. You will get a deeper understanding of The Bible - the universal manual for mankind at our Pentecostal Churches in San Antonio, TX. We wish to spread love and harmony and the teachings of the holy Bible. It is our goal to make your lives better, whenever you visit us at our united Pentecostal Churches in San Antonio.

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