Traditional Locks Vs. Smart Locks: Which One Is Better

There have been revolutions faced by the lock industry that have ensured the security of every place and taken it to a new level. The technological advancement has lead to a huge change in the locking mechanisms, as the newly created locks are based on user needs and the kind of new tools available for burglary. The difference and the use of traditional and smart locks have always been debatable and henceforth, we are here to narrow down your confusion.

Traditional and Commercial Locks

The traditional locks are operated manually. You can use various ways to open them, such as inserting the key and turning it, twisting the thumb turn, or simply by pressing the button. The most commonly used traditional locks are rim locks, knob locks, deadbolt locks, or pin tumbler locks.

Whereas, the smart locks are operated remotely, mostly using the smart devices like a smartphone app or sometimes they even store the access history details. You do not have to worry about losing the keys, as they work entirely on the smart mechanisms.

How They Operate

A number of traditional locks work on the keys, as they have cylinders containing the sprinted pins, driver pins, and key pins. The insertion of the right key starts the mechanism and key pins move up to raise the driver pins. If a wrong key is put in the lock, there will be no alignment in the lock pins.

On the contrary, smart locks are based on the software which even includes entering the code. Some locks have the key fobs which can unlock smart locks if they are closer. Some of them work on the mobile apps, while a few require authentication by the devices installed for home security.

Security By Locks

Traditional locks have different design and they provide various levels of security, such as deadbolt locks have double cylinders. They can also be made more secure by adding the metal striking plates using the extended screws. A firm and secure installation will save you from any lock bumping problems.

The smart locks work on remote locking, but they have no scope of the physical improvisations, such as the smartphone with deadbolts are not available in abundant design. They don't have much room for enhancements and may be prone to theft.

Despite of the fact that these two have differences, the choice is entirely of the user based on their security needs. To get the best-in-class lock installation, you may get in touch with our locksmiths in Boca Raton, FL. We at 24/7 Locksmith are operable in the areas having zip codes 33496 and 33486. You may get in touch to get the finest locksmith services in Boca Raton.

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