Enlightenment And Salvation: A Way To Reach God!

Enlightenment And Salvation: A Way To Reach God!

God can be known via two paths, i.e. the path of enlightenment and the path of salvation. Most of us get to know about the path of enlightenment, but lack behind in finding the path of salvation. Each one of these, augments God’s belief in us and we become more pious with an increasing understanding. Both of them have a purpose; while enlightenment aims at making you aware about God’s universal aspect, the personal aspect is understood after attaining the salvation. However, both must be the aim of mankind to know in depth about God.

Enlightenment - Forget About Ego

While you move ahead in finding the path of enlightenment, make sure you are ready to leave your ego aside. There is no space for any egoistic values once you have achieved enlightenment, as it only means that you are surrendering yourself to a higher point in order to reach God. If you choose this path, you are sure to see God’s light and shadowy side, which of course is good and not evil and surely far better than the devil.

Salvation - The Spiritual Renewal

If you have to achieve the salvation path, you have to step forward for walking on the path of a spiritual renewal. You will become a good human and will surely be meeting God once you turn pious and close to Him. The salvation requires every person to continue the nobility and the beauty of being closer to God and hence must never make anyone feel hurt or turn greedy for anything.

One of the best ways to attain enlightenment and salvation is by getting more and more involved in the spiritual and humanitarian acts. There’s no one who remains untouched by God’s grace and to get nearer to Him, it is great to visit churches and listen to the holy Bible. Each and every verse has a message for mankind. The Pentecostal churches in San Antonio, TX always welcome and encourage all of you to be a part of God’s message and spread it even more. We firmly believe that our united Pentecostal churches in San Antonio are chosen by God to spread and become a messenger for enlightenment and salvation.

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