It’s Winters: Take Special Care Of Your Dogs With These Tips!

While we are in a complete mood of celebrating Christmas Eve and the New Year 2018, the temperature is going down to make this festive season more enjoyable. Dogs have always been one of the best friends with humans, but just like us they cannot take care of themselves and we need to take various measures to make sure they remain safe in the winter season.

Taking Care Of Your Dogs In Winters

If you have a dog at home, you need to be extra careful in winters. Here are some tips to keep your dogs  safe this winter:

Keep Them Warm: The common belief says that the dogs have more resistance than humans. But, as the temperature dips; it’s not only us who feel cold, but our pets too. Exposed parts like ears, nose, or paws are prone to cold and may face severe impact. So, do not leave the doggies outside for a long break, except for any necessary reasons.
Keep Them Dry: If the dog’s fur is wet, they will fall victim to the cold. It is necessary to keep them dry. So, try to have the towels handy with you, so whenever they get wet in the snow, you can dry them right away.
Check Their Paws: The dog’s paws may show many signs of getting hurt by cold weather, keep a check on them. The cracks in paw pads and bleeding may be a result of exposure to cold. You should examine the dog paws and remove the debris, followed by cleaning them through a wet, but warm cloth. Clipping a hair between the toes will also reduce the chances ice ball collection in them.

Since, we love our pets and try to find numerous ways to keep them safe in every season. This can be done by calling for the services from doggie daycare who can take care of them from tip to toe. The dog boarding of Paws Playgrounds is comfortable for the dogs of all sizes. We have a professional dog sitter for every dog who can take care of them in our doggie daycare. Also, our doggie daycare in Toronto is suitable for all those going out to work and cannot give proper time to the dogs.

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