Broken Stained Glass? Don’t Throw It, Just Bring It To Us!

Broken Stained Glass? Don’t Throw It, Just Bring It To Us!

If you have a cracked stained glass and someone is suggesting you to throw it; Vitraux Prestige
is here to prove them wrong. It isn’t necessary that every broken stained glass needs to be
thrown; it just needs some special tools and techniques to be back in shape. Whenever you feel
like throwing your stained glass, as you think it cannot be repaired or restored; just halt yourself
then and there. You need to bring them to the professionals of Vitraux Prestige and wait to see
what would happen to your broken glass.

Here’s Our Process Of Stained Glass Repair

Before we begin with the restoration or stained glass repair, we always analyze the amount of
damage that has occurred to the stained glass. Further, we apply the associated ways to repair
the stained glass:

Restoration Process: Firstly, we begin with the restoration process which involves analyzing
the size of the object and its design. This work needs high concentration as we would place the
broken pieces back to their place. Here, you can trust our professionals who are industry
experts in placing the broken glasses back to their place.

Precautions In Handling: Minor cracks in the glass are not an issue for our professionals, but if
your glasses are extensively damaged; they would need special precautions. In such case, we
first clean the surface as much possible. All the dirt spots and grime are removed from the
stained glass with the help of high quality cleaners.

Fixing The Broken Pieces: After completing the previous steps, further our professionals
perform the repairing of broken stained glasses. The contemporary tools and techniques are
applied during stained glass repair.

You can consult us if you have any broken stained glass at your place. We will suggest you how
to keep it safe and bring it in the best possible way. Once it reaches us, you can rely on us as
we put every single effort to make it appear like before through our stained glass repair services
in Montreal.

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