4 unique ways to monetize your music degree

Earning money with music is not the easiest task out there. Even if you have earned your degree with the best recording studio in San Antonio, Texas, it is still a difficult world to make your way through. But it is not impossible. There are several ways to earn money as an individual music composer other than via gigs and online streaming. Here are some of them to help the financial side of your career out.

1. Sell your samples

As an aspiring musician, you probably have a lot of sample music lying around. You can make a solid compilation of around 100-150 such music leftover from sessions and sell them to production houses. You obviously will have to let go of ownership rights and royalty, but it is a good enough way to earn some extra on the side as you are in between gigs or waiting for your big break. So, finding the best recording studio in San Antonio, Texas is really vital.

2. Freelancing as audio engineer

Want to make good use of all the technical skills you learnt on your music degree? This is an opportunity to do so. If you are well versed in recording, mixing, and mastering, you can hop onto someone else’s project solely as an audio engineer. Granted, it does not give as much satisfaction as making your own music. But the skills of an audio engineer are much in demand and reasonably paid for as well.

3. Teach online

This one might not sound as appealing as the other options on this list. But there is a huge demand of online music tutorial around the world. You can start giving out online tutorials on your YouTube and other social media channels in a particular niche that you have expertise in. With a big enough audience and viewership, you will get the ad money rolling in soon enough and also get to have a celebrated online persona.

4. Freelance Session work

Every musician has that one instrument they are good at. You can put that expertise up for sale as freelance session work. It is when you get paid to play a particular part of a track, usually focusing on one specific instrument. There are online forums where you can sign up as a freelancers and get paid for your skills. Of course, for this to work, you will have to know how to record your bits and send them back to the producer. So, it is important that you seek the support from the best studio in San Antonio, Texas.

You do not need to sit waiting for the next big break, because your bills will not be waiting for it either. Get ahead of the game and start monetizing your skills with these unique yet effective ways of earning with your music.

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