A Guide to Overcoming your Dental Fear

According to the study, it’s estimated that approximately 75% of Americans have anxiety upon going to the dentist. Of that number, 5–10% of those individuals have a fear of teeth that is severe enough to be classified as a dental phobia. These people's fears are so intense that they avoid going to the dentist, which is very bad for their health. It's crucial for those who have a dental phobia to comprehend what it is and that there are strategies to get over it.

What is Dental Fear Vs Phobia

The terms "fears" and "phobias" are sometimes used interchangeably. However, these two mental states differ significantly. Fear could be a powerful distaste that makes you resist something, but it's usually not something you notice until the object of your fear exhibits itself.

A phobia, however, is a considerably more severe type of fear. The tremendous distress and avoidance that phobias are known to bring about can disrupt your everyday life. Phobias are regarded as a sort of anxiety illness.

When it comes to visiting the orthodontist, being fearful may mean that you avoid attending and postpone your appointments until necessary. The devices used for cleanings and other treatments may feel uncomfortable and make unpleasant noises, but you nevertheless put up with them. However, a genuine fear of visiting the dentist may require more effort and time to overcome.

Dentophobia: Possible Cause 

The concept of dental fear is categorized under numerous names. It may also be referred to as dentophobia, odontophobia, dental anxiety, or dental fear. They all refer to the same thing: a severe phobia of receiving dental care. Most of the times, terrible past dental experiences are the source of a person's dentophobia. 

These experiences may include unpleasant procedures and procedure-related consequences. The interaction with the dentist and his attitude could have also contributed to the apprehension. A person's dread can grow if they experienced a dentist who was callous or cold in their treatment.

Dentophobia can develop for several reasons aside from bad personal experiences. In other cases, unrelated experiences can trigger anxiety. Hearing about someone else's negative traumatizing experience is one way that someone could develop a fear of the dentist. What people read, watch, and listen to in the media also greatly impacts them. Dentophobia may worsen as a result of seeing a poor portrayal of dentistry.

A person may develop a dental phobia if they have had unfavorable encounters with doctors. Some people's fears can be sparked by just visiting a medical professional of any type, smelling hospital-related odors, or having dread of those who are seen to be in positions of power.


Visiting the dentist rather than putting off treatment is the greatest way to allay mild dental phobias. You can request to be drugged if you need extensive dental work so that you won't be conscious while it's being done. Dentophobia, like other phobias, may be related to an anxiety illness, which may call for a mix of therapy and drugs.

  1. Therapeutic exposure

One of the best treatments for dentophobia is exposure therapy, a form of psychotherapy that involves more gradual dental visits. You could begin by visiting the dentist's office without scheduling an appointment. After that, you can progressively increase the scope of your appointments by adding partial examinations, X-rays, and routine maintenance until you feel ready to commit to a full session.

  1. Medication

Dentophobia cannot be cured solely by medication. As you undergo exposure therapy, however, some anti-anxiety drugs may help to reduce symptoms. These can help lessen some of your phobia's more noticeable physical side effects, such as high blood pressure.

  1. Choosing Bothell Dental Clinic of Affordable Family Dentistry is the best course of action

Your oral health significantly influences your general well-being.There are several coping mechanisms for dentophobia. Notifying your dentist will allow them to make adjustments for you. Though it will take some time and work, ultimately, you will get to the point where your anxieties won't keep you from getting the oral care you require. 

Contacting Bothell Dental Clinic of Affordable Family Dentistry is the right approach to eliminating your dental Phobia. Our qualified staff is well-equipped to treat any dental emergency with the utmost care and compassion.Set your appointment with Bothell Dental Clinic of Affordable Family Dentistry right away!

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