Smile Makeover

 The term "smile makeover" refers to a set of dental procedures that enhance an individual's existing smile. Cosmetic dentistry serves to repair and protect teeth. Different patients will require different combinations of cosmetic procedures; therefore, this treatment is tailored to you. We at Vida Dental provide you with the best dental care in Coral Gables by helping you get the most beautiful smile possible. Our latest technological advancements allow you to see a preview of the outcomes before we make our best recommendations based on your own preferences.

Benefits of Smile Makeover

The adaptability of the smile makeover makes it accessible to virtually everyone who wants to improve their appearance. A smile makeover can be performed on anyone, regardless of age. 

Like other types of dental work, a smile makeover can improve your life in many ways. During a smile makeover, everything is tailored specifically to you. One's quality of life can significantly improve after undergoing a smile makeover. The benefits of a smile makeover are:

  • Better oral health 

  • Making you seem younger and more attractive 

  • Increasing your confidence and happiness 

  • Giving you a reason to smile more often

Smile Makeover Procedure

Different procedures involved in a smile makeover Coral Gables include dental implants, dental bridges, dental braces, crowns, dental bonding, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and gum re-contouring. The length of time required for a smile makeover is proportional to the number of procedures required. The candidate's choice of procedures also factors into the final tally. One or two clinic visits should be sufficient for a minor operation. However, getting a smile makeover could take a while if operations like dental implants are required.

Our cosmetic dentist in Coral Gables can give you a whole new smile without causing too much discomfort. Instead, the candidate is comforted by the absence of pain. Anaesthesia allows the patient to relax during their procedure. Some discomfort from dental implant pressure is to be expected; however, it can be mitigated by a complete makeover of your smile.

Maintaining Smile Makeover Procedure

Dr Javier Cutino of Vida Dental, the dentist in Coral Gables Miami, advises you to keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine so that your new smile lasts a long time. If you want to keep your teeth white, stay away from dark foods that can easily stain your teeth. Strong, healthy teeth can only be achieved by maintaining a regular routine of brushing and flossing twice a day.

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