Complexity can be seen in real estate escrow & lawsuits. You need legal advice to evaluate all the tiny print and ensure that everything is in order, from purchases to inspections to appraisals.

While you might be tempted to save money by using non-legal services, keep in mind that only attorneys and lawyers are required to carry insurance to protect them in the event of mistakes or omissions and are members of a regulated profession with established standards.

Working with a non-legal agent may leave you with little recourse if something goes wrong during the transaction. Real estate attorneys are experts that make sure that real estate transactions are successfully implemented and executed as planned. Real estate agents cannot really prepare or revise legal documents; only licensed attorneys may do so.

A general rule of thumb is that if you or your real estate agent find the contract difficult to understand or the contract requires complex terms, you should have a qualified  real estate law attorney represent you.

In some cases, title insurance providers and mortgage lenders could even insist that you hire a real estate lawyer to ensure that all legal ramifications are explained in full. However, a wider range of real estate issues, such as loan modification and short sales, also necessitate the use of Seattle real estate attorneys.

Real Estate Mediation and Conflict

In cases of real estate dispute and mediation, a variety of organizations, including individuals, businesses, and local governments, will need the assistance of a Seattle real estate law attorney.

Litigation is frequently involved in real estate transactions that don't turn out as intended. The real estate attorney has specific training that enables him or her to create legal pleadings with the court system, engage in hearings and trials, negotiate with opposing counsel, work out settlement agreements, and file appeals in the event of litigation.

Your Trusted Real Estate Attorney, Seattle Real Estate Law Group

Real Estate Law Group offers assistance to a wide range of parties in real estate purchase and sales, earnest money disputes, disputes, mediation, and litigation.   No matter if you are a homeowner’s association, investor, homeowner, developer, or mortgage lender, our team of litigators is prepared to meet your legal needs.

Our team of attorneys in real estate, business, and probate law is available to assist you in negotiating a deal that will be advantageous to all parties.

You can rely on Seattle Real Estate Law Group for superior, reasonably priced services and creative real estate legal solutions.

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