Moving Challenges: 4 Items Best Left To Professionals

Relocating from one place to another can be an overwhelming and arduous task, particularly when it comes to packing and moving household items that are heavy, large, or valuable. Ensuring proper packing and transportation is crucial to prevent the risk of damage. To mitigate this risk, it is advisable to engage the services of professional movers who have the expertise and equipment to handle all household items with care, particularly those that require special attention. 

The following is a list of household items that can be challenging to move without the assistance of professional movers.

  1. Electrical Appliances

When it comes to moving electronic devices, such as televisions, desktop computers, laptops, and various other gadgets, caution is key. These delicate items are susceptible to damage, even from the slightest jostling or bumping. It's crucial to pack them correctly to ensure they arrive safely at their destination. With an average weight of around 300 pounds, refrigerators can be a real pain to move. Washing machines are not lightweight either, weighing in at around 200 pounds, while dishwashers are not far behind, tipping the scales at roughly 150 pounds.

To avoid the hassle of moving such bulky and fragile items, it's best to entrust them to the capable hands of professional movers. These skilled experts can handle your prized possessions with the utmost care and efficiency, making sure that they reach your new home in perfect condition.

  1.  Antiques and Artworks 

Transporting artwork, antiques, and other valuable possessions requires careful planning and preparation to ensure they remain secure and undamaged during the moving process. Art pieces, in particular, are highly vulnerable to damage when in transit. Moving framed art and canvas prints, for instance, requires specialized packing materials and techniques to protect them from harm. Similarly, antiques such as family heirlooms, furniture, porcelain figurines, and china dinnerware must be handled with extreme care to prevent any damage.

Thankfully, professional movers and packers possess the expertise and resources necessary to move your valuables with the utmost care and precision. They have access to specialized packing materials and equipment and can safely transport your valuable items without causing any breakages or damages. 

  1. Pool Tables

If you're thinking of relocating your weighty pool table from one location to another, it may be advisable to enlist professional help. Transporting a pool table requires a complex procedure of disassembling and packing, as well as lifting exceptionally heavy components. In general, pool tables can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, presenting a considerable moving obstacle, particularly when stairs are involved. Fortunately, many moving companies possess expertise in transporting hefty pool tables. Some even specialize in this type of moving service.

  1. Piano 

Music enthusiasts who own a piano may find it challenging to move the instrument alone due to its considerable weight, often weighing hundreds of pounds. Additionally, pianos are valuable items that require careful handling to avoid any damages during relocation. As a result, it's highly recommended to seek the services of a professional piano mover to handle this task seamlessly and with great care.

Tips for transporting these things on your own

While hiring professional movers may not be feasible for everyone due to budget or time constraints, it is still possible to handle a DIY move with the appropriate planning, equipment, and assistance. Here are some suggestions that can assist you in navigating the process

  1. Get proper equipment and supplies.

When it comes to moving large or valuable items, standard packing materials like boxes and tape may not be sufficient. Renting equipment like dollies, wooden planks, trailers, and loading ramps for the truck, along with tie-downs, can be incredibly helpful during the move. 

  1. Measure tight spaces for item passage.

It is important to measure the dimensions of doorways, stairways, and other narrow spaces that the item must traverse in order to enter or exit a home. This is crucial because it ensures that large household items can fit through without getting stuck during the moving process.

  1. Store warranties and manuals in a secure and accessible place.

It is essential to keep the owner's manual and warranty information of your belongings safe during the moving process, ranging from hot tubs to appliances. These documents will be useful if any item sustains damage during the move, as the warranty information can guide you on how to proceed. Additionally, the owner's manual can provide instructions on how to correctly install or remove an item.

Transporting household items on your own can be quite difficult. However, if you're based in Seattle, you can rely on LoadedMovers. We can provide a safe and secure transport service for your possessions, giving you peace of mind during the move.

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