Here’s The Perfect Way Of Finding The Best Diamond Using the 4Cs!

The quality of a diamond can be judged by 4Cs and you can get the best grade of diamonds for your special occasions. Once you will get an in-depth understanding of the diamond Cs, you will get the utmost advantage in choosing the best for you. They also act usefully for the shoppers to make the final decision of wearing or gifting the best.

Why Does The 4Cs Hold Importance?

The introduction of the 4Cs served as the standard to judge a diamond, universally. This also allowed the people to know the importance of one diamond over the other. These 4Cs hold the similar importance since the day of inception. However, a renewal was brought into one of the Cs (Cut) which further allows the better shining to the diamond. 

Going Through The 4Cs Of Diamond

Usually, a string of letters is present on the diamond to define its grade and the level of preciousness as well. Let’s explore the 4Cs that assure this level of diamond quality:

Carat: It’s mostly confused by the measurement of size, but it indicates the weight. Diamonds may also be weighed in points, wherein 100 points = 1 Carat. You may also hear the words CTW, which means Carat Total Weight and it measures the entire diamond weight in a jewelry piece.

Color: Diamonds are extracted in various colors from the Earth. But, only the white diamonds have been in great demand. The D grade diamonds are the most expensive and rarest to get extracted, as they are totally colorless. While, you move down the grade from D to Z, the diamonds tend to get colors like yellow, brown or grey. But, the most preferred are H or I diamonds, as they are affordable for diamond buyers and are almost white.

Clarity: The level of clarity indicates that how finely the diamond is cut and polished. Like any other rock or mineral, you would find diamonds in the imperfect shape. Diamond cutters are used to work on these flaws. The clarity can be known by the letters as described below:

·         F - No Flaws inside or out
·         IF - Only internal flaws, not visible on external surface
·         VVS1 & VVS2 - very, very slightly included – two levels
·         SI1 and SI2 (slightly included – two levels)
·         I1, I2 and I3 (included – three levels)

Cut: These can be different for various diamonds and depends upon the diamond cutter by the way it is used for shaping or polishing the piece. Sometimes diamonds are cut to get more points on carats and sometimes they’re they’re cut to minimize the flaws.

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