Some Most Common Steps Every Criminal Law Attorney Follows!

A criminal defense attorney has to sit with the client to figure out the entire case and take down the details during the strategy session. A lot of attorneys follow the steps for implementing the proper procedure the proper defense case. These steps involve:

1.    Establishing the crime seriousness and the kinds of risk that may harm the client. The serious consequences are kept in mind by the criminal defense attorneys, hence an effective strategy must be applied for saving the person. This may require proper time and planning, so the punishment may get reduced and may be given as a community service.

2.    The trial attorney reviews all the associated documents, like the evidence collected by prosecution attorney.

3.    The meeting with the defendant will let the attorney have the knowledge of the alleged charges. Also, if there was any confession, or an explanation for feeling guilty, or is the defendant sure of the fact that they have not committed the crime. The further strategy will be dependent on these aspects.

4.    The crime episode is written down to find out the facts in preparing the defense case for the client, and filling in of all the missing information.

5.    During or after going through the prosecution data, the criminal defense attorneys prepare their own facts. Further, compare it with the other side proofs and the facts provided by the defendant.

6.    Witness details are noted down and their credibility as well. It’s applicable for both the sides, i.e. the defense and prosecution.

7.    Other factors are considered as well, as to how the society is reacting to the alleged crime and are they in favor or against their client.

8.    The moral stance is also considered while presenting the case. The application of moral dilemma is questioned and how did both the parties worked on it.

9.    The defendant is also well prepared for the trial by coaching him or her for having a good grasp and convey their own defense message. A mock round is performed by the defense attorney by asking the most crucial questions.

10.  The attorney also convinces the client that they never had the intention of committing the crime and will also convince the jury or the judge (or both) with the fact that they had no intentions of committing any crime ever.


The above-mentioned points are likely to change at times, based on the different criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn, NY. You may contact the professional attorneys of Law Offices of Mark Bratkovsky, PC who have dealt with many defense cases and successfully won them as well.

Each attorney’s plan of action is different. Once the attorney-client meeting has taken place and pertinent information has been shifted through, the attorney and the defendant are able to work in the moment to develop a course of action which, in the best of all worlds, will secure the most desired possible outcomes.

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