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Wordpress is a free content management system [CMS] which is used by more than 40% of the top websites in the world. Developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, it is based on PHP or MySQL. Wordpress has become one of the most popular and trusted platforms for website management or blogging and is also used for other application domains. The software aims at free access by everyone, better performance, and security. Wordpress needs to be installed on a web server for a smooth functioning. The future of Wordpress is diverse with a high success rate. 


By 2008, Wordpress had attained the greatest recognition of most enjoyed open source CMS according to the CMS Market Share Report. It has been praised by many other management systems and is awarded ‘Overall Best Open Source CMS’ in 2009. In the days of its initial release, it had the same old file structure as b2/cafelog, while the next year several changes were made to make it user-friendly and manageable. 

A makeover for Wordpress

A makeover for Wordpress 

Since the time it was launched on May 7, 2003, the workers have always tried to make Wordpress more convenient and appealing for the users. Different features and tools were added from time to time for the smooth functioning of the software and the websites that run on it. In 2004, search engine friendly permalinks were added along with multiple categories, easy installation, and upgrade, comment moderation, XFN, atom, and plugins support. 


By the year 2005, features like manageable static pages, template or theme with a default theme named Kubrick were added, rich editing, better administration tools, image uploading, faster posting, and import system were other additions. The developers' incorporated widget support, speed optimization, easy notifications, native tagging, multiple uploads, extended search and track changes to every post and page by 2007-08. 

The year 2009-10 came with Code Press editor for syntax highlighting, global undo, built-in image editor, the merger of WordPress and WordPress MU for multi-site functionality, lighter version of admin UI while, the addition of Admin Bar solved many of the critical problems in 2011. Later years were focused majorly on the improvements in admin and management interface, security, and plugins. By the year 2016-17, inline linking, formatting shortcuts, live responsive previews, streamlined updates, native fonts were included in the WordPress.  

Developing Websites on WordPress 

The increase in technological advancements has led several businesses to switch to online marketing and a website plays a crucial role to attract more audience and business online and help it grow. A web designer is what people look up to as most of the people do not have the professional knowledge or skills required to develop a website and manage the marketing tools. WordPress is the most common platform web designers prefer to develop a website in. It gives a lot of advantage to people who wish to start a business or redesign their websites like customizable designs, automatic upgrade, easy maintenance and much more.  

Here are a few perks of developing a website using WordPress – 

•    It provides various downloadable themes and plugins which can be customized according to the website or business need. 
•    This is a self-hosted platform which makes it easy for even the bloggers who often look for a hosting source for their domain name. 
•    The platform is SEO-friendly and contains easy codes which can be easily read and identified for uploading any content.   
•    With its social media integration, it becomes very easy to spread your businesses to the desired audiences. 
•    The websites designed using WordPress are extremely responsive to different browsing sources like mobile phones, tablets etc. 
•    It is an open-source and free CMS which is very easy to use even for the beginners and has a highly user-friendly interface. 

Website Development in Los Angeles 

Nowadays, there are several Web Designing Companies who specialize in designing websites using WordPress. They have a highly responsive and professional team which caters to the needs of all their clients and focuses on quality work. WordPress Cart, as the name suggests, is a WordPress Web Design Company. It is known to provide business solutions to all the companies or clients who wish to expand their businesses or develop more audiences for their brand. 

They have worked for different clients throughout the world including many start-ups, small businesses or organizations and have developed websites for many in Los Angeles too. They are known to be one of the best for WordPress WebsiteDevelopment Services. They are extremely dedicated and use the best of techniques for a better user experience. All the websites are SEO-friendly with a distinct web design for every business type. 


WordPress Cart is the most affordable WordPress Web Design Los Angeles and the kind of work they deliver is what makes them above many others in the market. It is dedicated to WordPress, Core PHP and Codeigniter technologies for developing different websites. They also provide reseller services to WordPress Design and Development Companies in different parts of the world like US, UK, UAE, and others. 

Let’s Sum Up 

Several businesses and clients have chosen website designing companies or agencies for WordPress Website Development Los Angeles in order to grow their business online and make more customers out of marketing and promotion. However, it is very crucial to choose the best and worth trusting companion for your digital growth which provides more than just custom WordPress website design in Los Angeles.

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