How to create a website using Magento?


Varien Inc. a US private company developed an open-source for different e-commerce websites named Magento which changed the view of doing businesses online. It was initially released on March 31, 2008, however; later the shares were sold to e-bay. It works on MySQL or MariaDB database management systems with object-oriented programming. 

Why choose Magento?  

E-commerce has emerged as a growing business in no time and several companies are now focusing on online marketing in order to increase their brand image and online presence. Digital marketing is a powerful tool in the market and many e-commerce companies try to enhance their website design and user experience for a better connectivity between the brand and its people.  Here are a few perks of using Magento - 

•    Multiple Options 

Most of the e-commerce companies prefer Magento for developing their websites. It offers new ways to strengthen user engagement, reduce conversion rates, ease navigations etc. It contains a highly responsive administration interface which helps in performing advanced marketing, search optimization and catalog- tools for better functionality of several e-commerce websites.


•    Preference of web designing companies 

Several web design companies and agencies help small or medium businesses, start-ups, large corporate or organizations to develop a social identity which will help their businesses to grow their online revenue and engage more shoppers. Magento is designed with SEO-friendly URL’s which help to attract more traffic to the websites. 

•    Boost for e-commerce websites 

There are numerous e-commerce websites operating on the internet today and many more add to this race on an everyday basis. In such a growing and competitive market, it is essential to maintain a great social presence. Magento helps your business to be on the top by its completely scalable and optimal performance. There are several packages in the frontend and backend to improve administration options. 

•    Free of cost 

One of the biggest advantages of using Magento is the fact that it is absolutely free and this makes it easy for even the start-ups to use the platform to grow and compete in the market. It also contains a lot of extensions that provide added functions and support to the website. It is surely more secure and efficient platform for getting high returns. 

Best from the rest 

The thought of going to a web designing company or agency and deciding on which one to choose can be very confusing since there are so many choices available in the market these days. The companies do not wish to compromise on the quality of work and definitely want the best results, therefore, it is very crucial to identify your business needs and simultaneously a person who will understand and take this seriously. 

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