Achieve Industrial Look Using Industrial Furniture and Accessories

Rustic look and raw metal are today’s trend when it comes to decorating your space. Irrespective whether it is a commercial spare or a residential one, if you are looking to have something fresh and stylish, industrial furniture pieces can do the justice. It has a raw and masculine look this unpolished, edgy looking furniture pieces can help you bring that old industrial era to your space. For contemporary industrial look, contrasting the décor is the key to develop something unique and chic.

Things to keep in mind when choosing industrial style furniture

It is not the usual thing when you are choosing industrial theme to decorate your space. Hence, it is important to consider few things so that it enhances your space. This includes:
  • Keeping the rough brick wall
  • Get the matt look décor items
  • Using vintage or ethnic items along with can get add that oomph factor
  • Fur, wood, leather and faux are the essential elements that compliments the look
  • Huge mirrors, large windows with steel frames are great to go with
  • Minimalistic but big patterned can give a statement look
  • Try to go with neutral wall colours
  • Wooden flooring
  • Have a relaxed/ muted lighting option

From ethnic chairs to metal cabinets, to bar stools there are literally range of options to choose from. These days, industrial lighting too is trending across both residential and commercial properties. The industrial lighting works goes well for the kitchen space for the homes and restaurants and bars for the commercial properties. Consider buying black matt finished fixtures and Edison bulbs to get an interesting alternative to that of usual lighting themes.

If you want to do with bare minimum, industrial inspired accessories can create that space. Consider choosing black and white photography, bell jars, oversized rustic letters, old wine/whiskey bottles, retro fans/ typewriter, big church candles – these particularly works well in highlighting the industrial look.

Industrial designs are currently trending right now. However, ensure that you do not mix in everything that you find rustic and raw – it will make your space uninviting and clumsy. Your primary purpose is comfort along with the look you want, make sure that you do not compromise that while choosing that warehouse look. Today, customers have the privilege to choose and buy furniture from an online store. You do not have to spend an arm and leg to create an industrial look, it can be done by placing a few furniture pieces which now a day are available at an affordable cost.