The risks and benefits of dental implants

Breaking or losing a tooth can be immensely detrimental to your health, as well as for your self-esteem. Whether it is caused by accident or by excessive tooth decay, a gaping blank in your dental crown is the last thing you want. Dental implants in Coral Springs is a simple and affordable solution to fix that. 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium posts or screws embedded in the jaw. They act as an anchor for any number of dental prostheses that help replace the lost tooth and preserve the natural dental crown of the patient. It is a very common oral surgery in Coral Springs, sought after by a wide range of dental patients. 

But as any good dentist in Coral Springs would tell you, dental implants come with their own share of risks and benefits. Let’s discuss more about that in this article. 

Benefits of dental implants

  • Natural appearance

Dental implants give the most natural look to your oral cavity. Other replacements like dental bonding or dentures do not do the job as good as implants, which would be a lookalike of your original crown. 

  • Durability 

Dentists in Coral Springs, FL, would all agree that dental implants last way longer than any other tooth restorative methods. Dental bonding will last around 2-3 years and dentures around 5 years, but dental implants will easily last you for more than two decades. 

  • Ease and convenience

Dental implants are by far the best replacement for natural teeth when it comes to everyday use. Implants help improving bite strength and speech, which can thoroughly deteriorate when dentures and bonding are used. 

  • Zero damage

Dentures or bonding often lead to damage of the replaced tooth or the surrounding ones, and even cause bone erosion in the jawbone. There is no such risk involved with dental implants in Coral Springs, FL.

Risks of dental implants

  • Expensive

Getting dental implants done at any Coral Springs Dentist is a fairly expensive affair. It is costlier than using dentures or dental bonding. The cost is largely adjusted given the fact that implants last longer. But considering it is a one-time payment, it can be pose a financial issue for some. 

  • Local injury  infection

If not done at a an expert dental implant dentist in Coral Springs who knows their job, implants can cause injury and infection at the site of anchoring. Mishandled surgery can also cause nerve damage and rupture of blood vessels. 

  • Sinusitis

Those who have sinus problems can find the condition recurring if implants are done in the upper jaw. 

If you have recently lost a tooth and considering an alternative, then keep these pros and cons in mind while choosing dental implants. 

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