Blazor – How is it going to turn around the coding game?

Blazor is a free and open-source web framework that allows developing high performance client-side web apps using C# and HTML. It was developed by Microsoft as part of the .NET Foundation resources and first released in late 2018. This comparatively new language is set to completely change the way codes are written and web development is done.

Let’s find out how.

How is Blazor changing web development?

For a long time, web apps were built for the server side with codes like ASP.NET, PHP, etc. and the HTML file was generated later to appear on the browser for the client. It was working more or less efficiently, but it needed a change. JavaScript was the first to do it, with some applications running on the server as well and communicating with the server with messaging.


Blazor takes that a step further and helps develop full-fledged applications to be run on client. Blazor uses Web Assembly, the binary instruction format that runs virtual environment on browsers, and develops efficient and interactive apps on both sides.

Blazor offers some great opportunities by helping create web apps with fast speed and a common interface.

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